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Garden Fencing in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire


Aylesbury ColourFence supplier;

James Hunter: 01494 711400



Aylesbury used to be a major market town in Anglo-Saxon times, and it has since risen to fame by being featured on the cult classic ‘A Clockwork Orange’ as well as ‘Midsomer Murders’. However, back in 1938 a storm struck Coombe Hill monument – almost completely destroying it, and then in 1950 Aylesbury experienced the first recorded tornado in the United Kingdom, so it’s no surprise our weatherproof fencing ticks some boxes for this town!

ColourFence provides the people of Aylesbury with peace of mind when it comes to their garden fencing. Our fences don’t fade in the sunshine, can withstand winds up to 130mph and they don’t need to be painted!


Why Choose ColourFence?


ColourFence is made from ingenious Colorbond steel, which means we can guarantee your fence for at least twenty-five years. Our eco-friendly fencing solution is also fully recyclable and free from toxic chemicals. It is also an environmental solution in the long term as no paints or treatments are needed to maintain the look of a ColourFence, just an occasional hose down will get it clean! Due to the fact it is made from steel, our fences are strong and sturdy, they can withstand winds of up to 130mph and they keep your pets safe inside the boundary of your garden. Another great feature of ColourFence is that both sides are identical, so you won’t just be putting a smile on your own face, you’ll also be putting a smile on your neighbours face with a ColourFence.


The Benefits Of Metal Fencing


Unlike traditional fencing, ColourFence doesn’t rot, rust or show it’s age over time. Plus every ColourFence comes with a 25-year guarantee. To help you understand the full potential of ColourFence here’s a few more reasons why metal garden fencing is the future.

  • • No more paint – Your ColourFence is already in one of our 4 beautiful colours which will not rust or need to be re-touched.
  • • Weatherproof – Have you ever looked out of the window after a bad storm and seen your fence has collapsed? ColourFence withstands winds of up to 130mph so it will have your back!
  • • Extra security – Wooden fences are easy to cut into, and as they age will be more likely to rot. A ColourFence does not rot so there is less opportunity for anyone to enter your garden without you knowing.
  • • Cost effective – We can’t compete with very cheap timber fences, but our fence won’t demand treatment, fixing or painting year on year which keeps the cost down in the long run.





Perhaps you are looking for an addition to a brick wall, or a beautiful boundary solution for your front garden – ColourRail is the answer.

  • • No more rust – Our railings have a 10 year guarantee. Over 300 colours to choose from.
  • • Strong – ColourRail is made from tubular steel.
  • • Unique look – We have over 300 colours to choose from and a variety of finishing options such as loop/spear/flat.
  • • Complete garden railings – with matching gates to finish your look, your garden will be looking fabulous in no time!
  • • Choice of decorative options such as loop/spear.

Aylesbury Gallery



Aylesbury garden fencing specialists, Buckinghamshire

“Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job with our fencing. We LOVE it and are both over the moon. It is far superior than the normal wooden fencing on the market. We wouldn’t hesitate on recommending you and ColourFence to friends and family needing fencing in the future”

Heather & Kevin – Buckinghamshire


“The fence looks very good in our garden and we are very pleased and impressed by the quality and the work.”

Chiyo – Buckinghamshire


How ColourFence Aylesbury Can Help


If you’re still on the fence about what solution to go for, why not invite us over for a free, no obligation site survey so we can discuss ideas with you and see how we can transform your garden.


For Aylesbury fencing specialists, contact us via telephone, on 01494 711400


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