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Best Website Finalist in the Franchise Marketing awards 2017

Colourfence Reach Finals of Franchise Marketing Awards 2017

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Exciting news as Colourfence have reached the finals of the Franchise Marketing Awards 2017. The team are finalists in the “Best Website” and “Best Overall Marketing Campaign” categories.

Last year, the Colourfence website had a complete overhaul. The new platform was designed to showcase the company’s key products and unique selling points. The site had to be easy for head office and franchisees to manage and update. It needed to be device responsive and easy to navigate. Strong branding and lead generation were the final requirements.

Consultancy with key stakeholders – including management, franchisees, customers and marketing professionals yielded the perfect design.

So how was the judging criteria met?

Innovative Design

With a clean, innovative design that enhances the visual aspects of Colourfence.

  • Publication of prices to ensure transparency for customers who may have misgivings about less scrupulous companies.
  • Long term product guarantees – which distinguish Colourfence an ColourRail from inferior fencing products.

Finally, a time-lapse video shows the installation process on several pages, with a link to the video on YouTube here:




Clear, consistent branding across the site and franchisee sub sites. Franchisees have the autonomy to update their own content while adhering to corporate branding and guidelines. This ensures a clean, cohesive website.

The sub-sites feature detailed, personalised information about each individual franchise. This includes areas covered, completed jobs, biographies and testimonials. This helps to reassure customers and reinforce franchise credentials.

A Distinct USP

Colourfence is a unique product with multiple USPs.

  • Virtually Maintenance Free.
  • 25 Year Guarantee.
  • Professional Installation by Trained Franchisees.
  • No Pressure Promise.
  • Published Prices.
  • Local Franchises.

This makes a winning combination that really can’t be beaten.

Engaging Content

Colourfence’s brand ambassador Anna Ryder-Richardson greets you from the home page. A home improvement and gardening guru, her photo is welcoming, warm, and attention grabbing.

Further down the homepage are videos featuring the Alan Titchmarsh show, as well as testimonials from several satisfied customers.

There is also an engaging blog with videos, posts and graphics designed to inform, reassure and help customers.

Content has been kept brief, informative and accessible. Product pages extol the benefits of the product. The website itself uses images and video to showcase the visual impact of Colourfence and ColourRail.

Ease of Navigation

A floating top menu makes navigation easy. Both the menus and the contact details – a call to action – are always clear and visible.

Use of Technology

The website CMS allows franchisees to:

  • Update their own gallery and testimonials
  • Add customer information and generate guarantee certificates
  • Head office can log call leads and assign these to franchisees

The WordPress platform also contains custom plugins that enable franchise owners to easily set up new pages.


The site is designed to be accessible from various devices. The key content is clearly laid out. The company phone number features prominently in the same place on every page. In addition, because one of the main objectives of the website is to generate enquiries for local franchisees, a ‘call to action’ to find suppliers is placed centre screen.

Images are labelled with ‘alternative text’ to make them accessible to visually impaired users who may be using screen readers. Our video content has automatic closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Ease of Use on Mobile Devices

The website is device responsive and works just as well on a mobile device as a desk or laptop computer. The two main product lines – Colourfence and ColourRail – feauture immediately on the home page, with a strong call to action. What’s more, the company phone number is at the top of every page, and the drop-down menus make mobile site navigation a breeze.

Search Engine Optimisation

Best Overall Marketing Campaign Finalist in the Franchise Marketing awards 2017

Colourfence works closely with a specialist web design and marketing agency, Natural Ranks, to help with SEO. The company assists franchisees with their own local pages, as well as optimising the corporate website on a national basis. Natural Ranks also undertakes PPC activities for the company and its franchisees. Colourfence’s website ranks 1st on 55 key search terms (see image below) on Google, Bing and Google Mobile. Furthermore, Natural Ranks have helped drive a 50% increase in traffic over the past 12 months, holding 93 top 3 rankings and 134 top 10 rankings. What’s even more impressive is the increase in contact forms being completed on franchisees’ own pages (i.e enquires) which have increased 530% from a 78% increase in site visitors.


The key criteria that are relevant to Colourfence’s website have been met. The new design is both fresh and engaging, with innovations such as the time-lapse video and publication of all pricing. Branding is strong and consistent, focusing on the core USPs of low-maintenance, weatherproof products with an ethical approach to sales and customer care. Technology has been embraced, the site is easily found and navigated, and encourages re-visits. Finally, it is delivering an uplift in enquiries and sales for Colourfence franchisees.

The winners will be announced at the Franchise Marketing Awards ceremony commencing at 5pm on Friday, 13 October at the NEC, Birmingham!


Colourfence sales double in just 18 months

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Colourfence are pleased to announce annual sales of £3.5m, which is double the level of just 18 months ago. Our innovative products have played a huge role in the boost of sales and we hope to continue this success in the future.

Our fences are made from Colourbond steel, a strong and durable material. One of its biggest benefits is the anti-corrosive coating, which protects the fence against harsh weather like rain and wind, as well as preventing the development of rust.

These products have proved popular with homeowners throughout the country as they don’t require maintenance or much upkeep. Timber fencing often needs repainting as it becomes worn down, which can be both time consuming and stressful for the owner.

Colourfence was developed in Australia and now makes up 40% of the market in the country. The manufacturing of our products now takes place in South Wales, meaning that we can serve customers throughout the UK.

We currently have 40 franchisees located across the globe. Steve Beaumont, who is one of our newest franchisees based in Bolton, said; ““I was attracted to Colourfence as it’s an exciting business model with brilliant USPs – and I couldn’t have asked for a better start. There are great people behind this business, and the whole launch process has been superb. I’m loving every minute of it!”

James Hunter, a Buckinghamshire based franchisee, has been part of the team for 10 years. His turnover increases by an impressive 150% year, showing that our products and services are high in demand. Richard McDonald, who is part of our North London team, has also seen an improvement with double the turnover from last year.

Colourfence’s founder, Mark Stewart-Woods, has also commented on the company’s recent success, saying; “This product is a household name in Australia and it soon will be here in the UK as well. With timber fences lasting just a few years before they rot and collapse, customers are crying out for a long-lasting substitute. Colourfence is guaranteed to remain unspoiled for 25 years.”

“What’s more, it also withstands gusts of up to 130mph – so will still be standing after every winter storm.”

Colourfence would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in producing and selling our products. We are committed to improving our products in the years to come so that we can provide our customers with the very best fences.

If you would like to find out more about our products or franchisees, please contact us directly.