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ColourFence; the Modern Garden Fencing Solution

To many, the front and back garden is a statement – a bold way of telling others about your passion. Unfortunately, over the years some aspects gradually start to show their age, especially the garden fence. It’s not always a bad thing though, sometimes it can be the push you need to give your garden the update that it deserves with a more modern and contemporary fence which is built to sustain the everyday elements.

ColourFence is that modern solution, made from galvanised steel, all our metal garden fences are manufactured to be tough and reliable without compromising on aesthetics. The cherry on the cake is that our fences not only keep gardens secure, but they also look the part while doing it.

With Trellis and railing options available as an added extra, you can design your look which is bespoke to your garden and style. So, let’s break down the different types of ColourFence and how they would impact your garden.

Standard ColourFence

Gorgeous in its design, our metal garden fences are excellent value for money since they are built to last and don’t require expensive treatments or paint to maintain them, they also come with a 25-year guarantee which is delivered once the fence is fitted. Made from galvanised steel, every ColourFence has self-healing technology which over time, dulls any scratches while keeping the steel protected from rust.

Another way our garden fences modernise the garden is through their ability to withstand gusts of up to 130mph! With the weather in the UK getting increasingly unpredictable, ColourFence gives peace of mind when a storm hits. ColourFence is truly the ‘fit and forget’ garden fencing solution which only requires the occasional hose down to keep it in excellent condition.

Then there’s style. Our fences are available in brown, blue, cream and green, which have been carefully selected to complement different gardens, but not only can you choose the colour, you can also select the colours for the individual elements such as the panels, rails, posts and ball-caps making for some truly breath-taking creations. Don’t take our word for it, check out the pictures below to see for yourself. To see more about our ColourFence, garden fences click here.

Blue, brown, cream and green ColourFence in situ

ColourFence with Trellis

Since each element of our fences are put together on site, it means we can get very creative with things such as the trellis. Traditionally trellis sits above the panels of your fence, however, we can add multiple layers of trellis to help with climbers or for additional light, or we can add trellis at the bottom of your fence. The trellis can be in the same or a contrasting colour to the panels of your ColourFence depending on the look you’d like to achieve. Usually, ball-caps are fitted with trellis fences, but we can put flat-caps on if you’d prefer. See the photos below for reference.

No matter if you’ve got a modern townhouse, or a traditional cottage, ColourFence goes perfectly with each build, adding additional beauty and security to your property for years to come. To read more about our ColourFence, garden fences with Trellis click here. 


Perfect for the front garden, ColourRail is our steel-made garden railing that surrounds the garden without taking away from views. Available in loop, spear, flat, and loop and spear, our ColourRail is produced from steel and is manufactured with the same integrity – to be strong, reliable and low maintenance.

To further illustrate that our garden railings are built to last, every fitted ColourRail includes a 10-year guarantee. If you would like to read more about our ColourRail, garden railings click here.

To help give you an idea of how our ColourRail, garden railings look in situ see the pictures below.

To find out more about our market-leading garden fences and railings simply visit our product pages. If you’d like to arrange a free, no obligation, site survey and quote with your local franchise then fill in a contact form or enter the first 3 digits of your postcode into our supplier finder below.

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