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Conscious Christmas inspiration

Christmas is right around the corner and, especially this year; we are all looking forward to it but as always it comes with the challenge of finding perfect, affordable gifts for family and friends. If you are struggling, at ColourFence we have some ideas that are kind to the environment and kind on the bank balance, so you can invest your time into what is really important: your loved ones.

Christmas blog Colourfence
  1. Reusable face masks. Currently, face coverings are essential to keep you and those close to you safe. Disposables not only stress the supply chain and make it harder for key professions like healthcare workers to get the supplies they need but are a hazard to the environment as litter in the countryside and the waterways. What’s more, if you have to wear a face mask, why not choose something that reflects your personality or is a bit more festive. There are so many reusable face coverings that can be decorated with something personal or special or even raise funds for a local charity that are making them. A simple but practical stocking filler this Christmas.
  2. Refillable water bottles. A refillable bottle is simple and customisable, yet a very practical gift. More than 100 disposable plastic bottles per person are used each year. Swapping to a refillable bottle can reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up our landfills and in the ocean. Not only that, you can upgrade to one that helps keeps drinks at the right temperature or opt for a personalised version for your nearest and dearest!
  3. Eco-friendly toiletries. A key area to look at if you want to reduce your non-recyclable waste. From reusable face pads to spray that converts dry tissue to flushable wet wipes (What’s toilet paper spray?). Eco-friendly toiletries can make a beautiful gift basket, ensure you stick to varieties with minimal packaging, maybe even add a bamboo toothbrush!
  4. Reusable straws. Scientists estimate there are as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws polluting the coastlines around the world. (Source: Condor Ferries) Just in the UK, an estimate of 8.5 million can their way into the ocean. Kids in particular love straws but they are widely used by us all. Reusable straws can be metal, glass silicone or bamboo straws and can also be found in bright colours and interesting shapes to please younger (or young at heart) consumers.

Sustainable gift-wrapping

When looking at our rubbish bins, we see the amount of rubbish is bigger during Christmas time, up to an extra 30% of rubbish is produced during this period. Choosing gift wrap that is easy to recycle is one of the biggest differences we can make. We can avoid this and be original with the way we wrap our gifts with some easy tips from our friends at “The art of simple”:

  1. Avoid papers with plastic in – glitter, foil etc as these can’t be recycled. Plain brown paper with pretty string or ribbons can be really effective or for quicker wrapping, choose gift bags that can be reused.
  2. The tape is also an issue for recycling so string or ribbon can be great alternatives if you don’t want to spend the time removing it from the huge pile of torn paper on Christmas day! Alternatively, there are eco-friendly paper tapes around.
  3. Re-use old wrapping paper, think kids pass the parcel or packing up those delicate Xmas decorations once it’s time to pack them for next year.
  4. Feeling creative, why not turn your hand to furoshiki? Using a clothing present such as a new shirt or scarf. Here are some ideas on how it’s done.
eco wrapping ideas

If you’re thinking of a present for your house, why not consider an eco-friendly metal garden fence? So, if you are one of the growing numbers of people who want to help stop climate change, you should definitely consider ColourFence for your garden. At ColourFence, we can help you. Book a free site survey now.

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