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For environment and garden lovers – The recyclable fence

We have all dreamed about spending our summer holidays in a hot place; Spain, Italy, Greece, Bali, Bahamas… spring to mind when we think about some well-deserved days off. This year has been atypical in many ways not least the heatwaves with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees interspersed with tropical style rainstorms.

A recent study by Met Office Hadley Centre scientists revealed that we could continue to see these unusually high temperatures in the UK for the foreseeable future. In July 2019, Cambridge experienced temperatures that reached up to 38.7oC and this study suggests it could well be down to the increased emission of greenhouse gases.

Our gardens and green spaces are increasingly important as big or little, the plants and trees they are home to all help offset those emissions. Traditionally, we surround our gardens with fences for privacy and more recently these have tended to be made of wood. Whilst in itself a natural product, timber fencing requires yearly maintenance to protect it from inclement weather, pests, fungi and algae. This process normally involves varnishes, algaecides, or other chemicals that can be damaging to the environment if they are not used and disposed of correctly.

Later on, the fences will require repair or replacement and any parts that need to be disposed of are classified as ‘Grade D Hazardous Wood Waste – chemically treated waste wood and contaminated wood.’ This type of waste must be disposed of at a licensed facility where it is generally incinerated.

The solution

Is there an eco-friendly alternative for our gardens then? Yes, there is. ColourFence is not only 100% recyclable but has recycled content to it and does not require maintenance with chemical products. Steel does not degrade during the recycling process so can continue to be recycled time and time again.

So, if you are one of the growing number of people who want to help stop the climate change, you should definitely consider ColourFence for your garden. Want to be even more nature friendly? Ask our fitting teams about installing a hedgehog hole to help the spikey little gardener’s friend get about your neighbourhood.

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