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    If you have landed here, you more than likely already know about our ColourFence products which are unique to the UK, but here are a few key reasons as to why more and more homes are investing in ColourFence.


    For nearly 20 years, ColourFence have been supplying and fitting a range of steel fencing to the domestic market across the UK. This range includes decorative or solid fencing in four colours, all of which can be mixed and matched, depending on your customer’s requirements. We pride ourselves on ensuring customers enjoy our great products which last for years to come. With a 25 year materials guarantee which is warranted against warping, fading, cracking and peeling.  ColourFence really is a product which makes your customer’s life easier and looks great in any garden.


    Due to increasing demand from landscape architects, developers and builders, we are now offering our fencing products direct to the trade on a supply-only basis for them to fit for their customers.


    So, how does ColourFence Direct work? It’s simple really. ColourFence have a wide network of our suppliers operating throughout the UK. Simply get in touch with your nearest supplier here and they will provide you with a quote. Delivery can be arranged from their site for you to fit and so that your customer can enjoy years of maintenance free fencing that can be proud of.


    Other benefits of ColourFence:

    • SECURE



    Aside from the technical benefits that we know are important, ColourFence also looks good! We have found that customers love its versatility. Many people have their own tastes and not all gardens are the same, hence why we allow all 4 colours to be mixed and matched. If you want to make a statement or simply blend in quietly, ColourFence can do just that. Some customers like the decorative finish and the extra light that lattis can offer, whereas others prefer the added privacy of the plain panels. The choice is there!


    As we know from previous experience, its the ease of the ColourFence that sells the product, not only to customers, but to the trade too! Its simple to install and once its in the ground its going nowhere. Our interlocking infill, post and rail system makes the overall frame work of a ColourFence solid, although the individual elements are pretty lightweight and simple enough to install. For a full installation guide click here

    ColourFence has been used for security around schools, camp sites, holiday homes etc, its also been known to box in/ hide unwanted water gas or oil tanks.



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