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Garden Fencing in Shepton Mallet

Metal garden fencing in Shepton Mallet


Shepton Mallet is an English town and civil parish in Somerset. The river Sheppey runs straight through the town as does Fosse Way- this was the main road used by the Romans to enter South West England.


The town was once occupied by the Romans, but these days it’s more commonly known for being the town closest to the Glastonbury festive, being a prominent producer of cider and for once having England oldest prison which was closed in 2013.


To see some examples of ColourFence in situ in Shepton Mallet, Dorset and South Somerset check out our gallery.


About ColourFence

ColourFence was built to change your perception of metal garden fencing, we’ve done this by creating a fencing solution that’s sleek in design, whilst also including a whole host of market-leading properties that makes sure it lasts well beyond tradition fencing.


Keep reading to find out why ColourFence lasts.

  • • Every fence comes with a 25-year guarantee.
  • • All of our fences require little-to-no maintenance.
  • • ColourFence doesn’t rot, peel, fade or warp over time.
  • • They can withstand gusts of up to 130mph.
  • • Their modern design makes them practical for all styles of garden.
  • • They’re identical on both sides, which means happy neighbours!

If you’re in Shepton Mallet and you would like to know how your local ColourFence supplier can help you upgrade your garden fencing contact us today.


More about ColourFence

Not only does ColourFence include strong aesthetics, they also keep your garden and more important your property secure as well as private, allowing you to have your own little getaway. Available upon request, ColourFence can be made up to 2m high (2.1m with trellis). Partner that with the fact that there’s little-to-no maintenance required, we ensure you spend your time enjoying the garden and less time maintaining it. Year in, year out!


Want to know more about why ColourFence is the next step in garden fencing read below, or visit our ColourFence page.

  • • Security- installed at 2m high, ColourFence keeps kids and pets safe.
  • • Customisable – with 4 colours to mix and match. And with trellis/no trellis options you can create your unique garden look.
  • • Choice of heights – from low down fencing to 2.1m high we can fit it.
  • • Bespoke – every ensure that every project is treated differently, our local fencing supplier in Shepton Mallet can measure and fit to your gardens layout.
  • • The whole package – As an added extra, we offer a matching ColourFence gate that’s lockable and customisable.

Metal garden fencing in Shepton Mallet gallery shot1

Metal garden fencing in Shepton Mallet gallery shot2

Metal garden fencing in Shepton Mallet gallery shot3

Metal garden fencing in Shepton Mallet gallery shot4


About ColourRail

ColourRail is now available thanks to your local ColourRail, garden railing Shepton Mallet supplier. Our garden railing is a tubular steel railing solution for applications where full screening is not required. It can be mounted freestanding using the appropriate posts, or between existing pillars or on top of walls as local conditions dictate.


Manufactured from 16mm galvanized steel tube, and a sturdy 25x38mm frame, it is available in a number of standards heights up to 1.5m and comes in cream, blue, green, brown and gloss black. Upright posts (if required) are 60mm x 60mm, pre-galvanised steel, colour matched to the railings.


Available in loop, loop and spear or all spear finishes, non-standard heights and widths can be accommodated for bespoke applications at a small additional charge.


Looking for a striking, durable and practical solution for the front of your home? Try ColourRail.

  • • Over 300 colours to choose from.
  • • Choice of finishing options such as loop/spear.
  • • 10-year guarantee.
  • • Gates available.

Metal garden railings in Shepton Mallet gallery shot1

Metal garden railings in Shepton Mallet gallery shot2

Metal garden railings in Shepton Mallet gallery shot3

Metal garden railings in Shepton Mallet gallery shot4


Fencing experts in Shepton Mallet


With a team of highly trained garden fencing and railing professionals, we are highly proficient installing for both commercial and domestic markets in Shepton Mallet. Want to know more, fill out a contact form – it only takes a minute and we will be in touch.
ColourFence operates on the No Pressure Promise, to find out more about click here.



garden fencing in Shepton Mallet

“If you are considering a new fence, this is the only company I would trust. A free estimate was carried out, no pressure to go through with the fence was made at any time. In less than perfect weather, my beautiful and secure ColourFence was installed. Still can’t get over how good it looks. Will be having the rest of the rear garden done next year. I love my new fence.”

Miss Wareing in Blandford


“An all-round excellent installation of a fantastic product. The ColourFence team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. The installers worked like a trojan, my fencing and gates were perfectly installed with all posts plumb, well dug in and all fencing lines straight/true. The end result is magnificent and I have never seen better fencing anywhere else.”

Mr Mark Wilkinson in Yeovil


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