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Deluxe Gates

Our ColourGate deluxe garden gates are fully welded solid panel gates.  The added strength in the construction makes them perfect for high-traffic areas or for wider driveways.  They can be combined with our heavy-duty deadlock bolts where higher security is required.  Some customers upgrade from our standard gates, because they prefer the squarer look of the deluxe gates.


All our ColourGate deluxe gates are custom-built to size and constructed in our factory in Newport, South Wales.  This makes them quick to fit, with minimal disruption to your property or the surrounding structures.



Standard Deluxe ColourGate
Our deluxe ColourGates are fully welded, solid panel gates.Our prices start from:
1.8m x 0.94m
Deluxe ColourGate With Lock
You can also add a heavy-duty lock to our deluxe ColourGates.Our prices start from:
1.8m x 0.94m


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