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Garden Fencing in Maidstone, Kent.




Maidstone is a large town within Kent which the River Medway runs through, linking it with Rochester and the Thames Estuary.


Historically, the river carried much of the town’s trade as the centre of the agricultural county of Kent, known as the Garden of England. There is evidence of settlement in the area dating back before the Stone Age. Paper mills, stone quarrying, brewing and the cloth industry have all flourished here.


Nowadays gardens are one of the many things that flourish in Maidstone which is why our fencing is becoming a popular choice in the area. ColourFence provides security, privacy and style without requiring year on year maintenance.


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ColourFence Features


If you’re looking for a durable garden fence that doesn’t need to be painted, then allow us to introduce you to ColourFence; our metal garden fencing which is saving people time all over the UK.


  • • Our garden fencing stands strong in winds up to 130mph, it does not fade in the sun, and as it does not rot it is more secure than a traditional wooden fence.
  • • We fit our fencing to your garden, meaning you can choose heights that will complement the natural flow of your landscape, and you can mix and match our 4 colours with different colour trellis, posts and ballcaps.
  • • The only care our fences need is an occasional hose down if they get dirty.
  • •  Our 25-year guarantee is the cherry on the cake as you will have fantastic fencing for years to come!


How We Can Help


If you’re in need of fencing services or suppliers in Maidstone, then phone or email our ColourFence Mid-Kent team for your free, no-obligation, site survey and quotation.

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