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Enter Now For your Chance to win up to £5000 worth of ColourFence, ColourRail Or ColourShed!

If you would like to be in with a chance to win up to £5000 worth of Fence, Rail or Shed product then follow these steps. For a full Terms and Conditions of the competition you can find them here.


1) If you already know you are interested in a product you can fill in the contact form here.

2) Our Franchisee will then reach out to you and book a convenient time to come out and provide you with a no pressure free quote.

3)  After you receive your quote and pay 25% or more deposit you will then be eligible for entry.

4) To enter you can either send in a Free Post entry form which your local Franchisee can provide you with or online by emailing  ( To enter by email customers must send full name, telephone number, installation address and quotation number )

If you would like more information regarding Colourfence, ColourRail or ColourShed or more information on the competition you can

1) Find out your local Franchisee – To find out your local franchisee you can use our Postcode Finder

2) Reach out to us at 01633 965005

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