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Garden Fencing in Tonbridge, Kent.


Located 4 miles from Tunbridge Wells and 12 miles from Maidstone, Tonbridge sits upon the river Medway and holds a few treasures within its land.


Tonbridge Castle was originally constructed in the eleventh century, and it is said to ‘England’s finest example of a Motte and Bailey Castle with a 13th Century Gatehouse’. This historic site is just one of many interesting sites to see in Tonbridge.


With a rich history, and surrounded by rural beauty, Tonbridge is a very desirable place to settle down, which is why our fencing is the perfect addition to your property. We give you the chance to throw your paintbrush away and enjoy years to come of our low maintenance fencing.


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How We Can Help


We take great care and consideration with each fence installation and are with you at every step of the way, ensuring that you’re happy with our plans and the progress of the installation.


If you’d like to start your journey to more secure, long-lasting and durable fencing, then book in your free site survey today: 0800 644 4113



ColourFence at a Glance


  • • Made in the UK.
  • • Low maintenance – no painting or treating required.
  • • A range of colours; brown, blue, cream and green.
  • • ColourFence has a 25-year guarantee.





ColourRail in a Nutshell


  • • Installed by an expert.
  • • 300 colours to choose from.
  • • Decorative finishing options such as spear, loop, flat.
  • • ColourRail has a 10-year guarantee.


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